photography cards – challenge 4


I failed this challenge. I was supposed to take a picture of something in front with a blurred background, so naturally, I thought of a portrait of Button. But even though I made all the adjustments the card told me to, it did not work out that well. Sometimes he is blurry, sometimes everything is… maybe I’ll try this again outside when the weather is nice, which is not today.

Anyways these are my attempts:


Well, moving on and hoping for something better next week…

and it will be:

challenge4-1 (copy)

Photographing everyday-things from a different angle. That sounds like fun!

I will be looking. Any ideas?

keep photographing and smiling

your Fairy


  1. When I look at the pictures, I notice that you haven’t set the aperture correctly at Button. The bigger the aperture is, the blurrier the background becomes and you get a nice bukeh. This means that the larger the aperture on your lens, the better the effect. In photography, larger means the smallest possible setting.

    • thank you for your tips, I tried to turn it as low as the camera would allow me, but I will definitely try again. I think maybe everything was to close together and I need more space between Button and the background for it to get really blurry. I hope I get a sunny day soon on a free day so I can take some new pictures outside. The autumn leaves would make a great background.

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