new back panniers


Now I also got the fitting back panniers for Charlotte. As you might remember, when I was on my first long tour with Leif, he was packed like this:


A basket in the front, my self-sewn panniers in the back, with a dry sack on top. In this picture, the tent and my rain cloth are on top as well, I guess they were still wet.

Anyways the basket in front really was not working well for me. So when I was thinking about what I want in a touring bicycle, I definitely wanted a lowrider-rack in the front. The old back panniers won’t fit Charlotte’s rack, and they aren’t waterproof, even though I was impressed by how well they dealt with water.  And I really liked the long zipper so I could open them up wide and get only the things out I needed and left the rest in order… anyways: It was clear I would need some new panniers.

So I bought the Aqua Back Plus from Vaude (via amazon). As you can see they seem slightly bigger then my self made ones. And with the additional front panniers I think I will get everything packed up just fine.

What do you think? Any experiences I could learn from?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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