crazy world 13


The German government urges us to wear masks in store, trains and buses now. In some states, it is even obligatory. So I go into stores with masks now, but I have to keep wondering about my fellow citizens.

For example, I have seen many people who wear their masks only over their mouth but do not cover their nose. If you wear the mask to not infect anyone or not get infected, it does not help to only cover half your face. That reminds me of the people wearing their bicycle helmets way back on their head. Those should not wear one at all, that is actually more dangerous than no helmet. 😉

Then there are those fellow humans getting angry about lines in front of the stores. Or the woman today standing right in the middle of the door, when I wanted to leave a store. When I asked her if she could step to the side, so I could get past while keeping my distance, she looked at me as if I was insulting her and ignored my polite request.

In other news, elastic ribbon seems to be the new toilet paper. 😉 I use elastic fabric for my masks, so normal ribbon works for me. 😉 I chain-stitch cotton yarn to be exact. That is soft and easily washable.


I am not happy with wearing masks, but I prefer them to closed shops. So I will learn to deal with them. 😉

How is the world where you live? Do you have to wear masks?

Take care, stay safe and healthy, and keep on smiling (or maybe winking, since nobody sees your smile behind a mask 😉 )

your Fairy


  1. World’s crazy. Can’t believe that there are poeple like the woman in the store. But at the same time, we’re probably all having a hard time and it can be hard to be kind to each others…doesn’t mean we don’t have to!

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