crazy world 14


How are things where you live? In Germany, we have to wear face masks in stores and public transport now. It is bizarre to see all these masked people. I also saw the first advertisement today for blouses/tops with fitting face masks. The world really is getting crazier by the day.

Smaller stores are open for 2 weeks now, but mostly you have to wait outside, before you are allowed to enter, due to restrictions how many people are allowed per square meter. 😉 I personally only wear the mask if I enter a store and take it off as soon as I leave it, but I have actually seen people cycling with a face mask. I imagine that to be very uncomfortable.

Shortly before the face mask law, I noticed something funny in the stores: I go shopping in different kinds of grocery stores, and I noticed that fewer people wore masks in the “cheaper” supermarkets. More in the supermarkets with cheap and expensive options, and almost everyone was masked in the organic/wholefood store. I wonder what that was telling me. 😉 Now everyone wears masks, of course, in every kind of store. And there are hilarious and/or beautiful masks out there. This is really getting a fashion accessory.

In other news camping grounds, hotels and restaurants are still closed, and it is also still not allowed to give sewing classes. 😦

Do you have to wear masks where you live? What other rules do you have?

Take care, stay safe and healthy and keep on smiling (or winking if you wear a mask)

your Fairy


  1. My sister tried sewing some masks to her and my other sister (they’re both in school). I think she used some different patterns from pinterest and she ended up having a small breakdown (pre-teens!). But in the end she gave up and decided that they didn’t need it (which I support actually). Well, crazy times;)

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