crazy world 15


After just a few weeks it almost became normal to wear a mask in the supermarket and walk a big circle around others. Or at least to me… some others seem to have more trouble with this. Or because they are wearing a mask, they think they do not need to keep the distance anymore. Or maybe they are just annoyed with all the rules…

I have to admit I am annoyed with a lot of the rules as well, but not the ones saying we should keep our distance to strangers. I am even weirdly ok with wearing masks in stores. I also understand that big parties, meetings, concerts should be cancelled. But all the rest really is a nuisance!

How is life at your end of the world? Do you support the rules set by your government? What do you think would be the right way to deal with this?

Take care, stay safe and healthy and keep on smiling (or winking when you wear a mask)

your Fairy

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