gear review: rainproof


On my last tour to Lübeck, I got surprised by quite some rain no forecast had told me about. That way I involuntary tested out the rainproof qualities of some gear.

The vest I sewed myself mainly for the wind and keeping my torso warm. The fabric actually promised to be waterproof and, I even sealed the seams, but I still not fully believed in it. When the rain started, I was wearing it, shortly after my sleeves were dripping, but my chest and back stayed dry under the vest. The only thing getting a little wet under it was the buckle of my bicycle-lock. The fabric was very tight there, so I think I can overlook that. Rainproof: check.


The second thing that got tested was my new panniers by Vaude. They are sold as being waterproof, but I still would have packed some stuff in additional waterproof bags if the forecast said rain… just to be sure. Well, everything stayed dry anyways. There were only some waterdrops in the small pockets on the outside. Which I do not mind, the things in there can deal with a few drops. So rainproof: check.

So, I am feeling pretty good about taking those on the long tour next week!

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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