crazy world 20


The world is getting crazier, and at the moment it feels like that applies to me, too. First off, my very high sensitivity for moods and atmospheres is picking up the raising aggressivity and impatience, and it frightens me a little… ok, a lot. And I notice getting stressed by that, additionally to my already higher stress level, due to the restrictions at work.

Not being back to my normal work-flow yet adds to that even more and I tent to forget things and not notice things I normally always remember or notice. It is really frustrating.

Today I had swim training for the first time since the world turned crazy. Which was nice, even though: I had to sign a lot of papers (with my own pen), wear a mask til the pool, and was not allowed to use the showers nor the toilets.

Then I flooded my kitchen because I forgot to put a lid back on. I am not sure what time I will have calmed down enough to sleep… maybe I should do a good-night-walk.

Luckily I have a bicycle tour planned this weekend, pedalling for a whole day will do wonders for my psyche. 😉

I hope you all are doing better in these crazy times! How are you and the world where you live?

Take care, stay calm, safe, and healthy, and keep on smiling

your Fairy 


  1. That sounds pretty annoying, with the atmosphere. And that swimtraining…I couldn’t go to swim without using their baths. Germany is craze..

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