crazy world 24


The world stays crazy. A friend from the south of Germany did visit me last week and to see some more of North-Germany we did take a train to Lübeck and later also visited Travemünde to see the Baltic Sea. Seeing the beach and all the people on it, you would never guess we are in the middle of a pandemic. But the crazy part already started in the morning getting there.

The platform was full, so we knew what we were in for. But then they changed it, and everyone had to go to the new departure platform, and that made everyone even crazier… We even considered to take another train and visit Kiel instead. When the train finally arrived, they had to say 3 times over the speakers to first let the people get off the train before entering it. People still thought they could get left behind and had to jostle. And all that when you should keep your distance. I am not sure if wearing masks is really enough against jostling.

How is everything where you live? Are people more sensible?

Take care, stay safe and healthy

your Fairy

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