crazy world 25


Summer finally arrived in Northern Germany. So swimming pools and beaches got very popular. I heard they even closed some beaches the last weekend. I went to the swimming pool on Sunday, and it had a long waiting line in front of it, even before 9am. Then we had to give our contact information (of course) and wear masks until the changing rooms. At every lane/pool, there was a sign, how many people were allowed in it. Even though some people decided to ignore those, as always. šŸ˜‰ Lots of showers were off-limits, but at least you were allowed to shower. And the first 30 minutes my mum and I had a lane for ourselves, that was nice. She was sad though you were not allowed to use the hairdryers.

Today I went to swim-training again. We have to wear our swim gear under our clothes, wear masks until the pool and are not allowed to shower and only use the bathroom for “emergencies”. Oh, and changing afterwards is in groups, so it comes with a lot of waiting. But I am just so happy we are allowed to swim again, so I really will put up with pretty much anything.

How is living where you are?

Take care, stay safe and healthy

your Fairy

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