crazy world 27


I went to the doctors today for a check-up. He looks once a year at all those dots I have to check if it is still just color and nothing else.

Anyways first, I had to wait outside, of course, with other masked humans, some of them being very restless. As if being impatient helps you get in faster.

I was just proud of myself that I was there early enough. I was almost punctual when I finally got inside the office. 😉

The check-up itself was kind of weird because, for one, I got touched, which is becoming a strange feeling, and secondly, I had to take off my mask because he also had to check the skin of my face.

Which looks horrible. With all that time wearing a mask, I break out in spots around my nose and mouth.

Does anyone of you have the same problem?

In German, we have some colloquial words for face masks that are untranslateable, are there any in English or your native language?

How is everything where you live?

Take care, stay safe and healthy

your Fairy

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