adventure preparation 72 – gear reviews and plans part1


The bicycle adventure season is pretty much done. We probably cycle to Lübeck every few weeks to keep in training, but no bigger tours until next spring. So it is time to look at the gear: what I like, what I would like to change, what I would like to add.

By the way: I bought all of the following items with my own money for the normal price anyone would have paid.

Starting today with my sleep system + shelter:

I really like my tent. It was a good choice and I hope it will accompany me on many future tours.

It is the Vaude Hogan SUL 2-Person-tent.

I also really like my new sleeping bag. It kept me warm at night and feels roomy enough. Well, I always would like to have more space, but for a sleeping bag, it is fine.

orange= old; purple=new

It is by mountain equipment and called the Helium 400 woman long. (purple)

What I also like a lot is my camping pillow:

It is by cocoon and is formed to fit into the hood of the sleeping bag which makes it great because it stays in place for the whole night. 😉

So let’s talk about the things I am maybe changing: my sleeping pad and the insulation below it.

I added the insulation below the sleeping pad after my first tour and I love it, it keeps the cold from the ground away. But I think I will sew myself a new one, covering the whole tent floor, so everything stays warmer. Additionally, it keeps the tent floor dry, no condensation, which is so nice packing it up, so that’s also why I would like to have the whole ground covered in it. Even though it might look a little weird having something carpet-like in a tent. 😉 But who cares?

The sleeping pad is by Hikenture and works fine, very light and small rolled up, easy to inflate and deflate. I am just wondering if something a little thicker would be better for me because I sleep a lot on my side and my hip is always on the ground…

Do you have any questions about this so far?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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