crazy world 29


Today all shops closed again in Germany, besides Supermarkets and Pharmacies. I had to finish some office work, so I still went to work for a few hours today. And I have to say it looks totally different on the streets from the first lockdown in March/April. This spring everything was quiet and empty, today you could not see a difference to before. To me, it even seemed that there were even more people on the street than before. If it stays this way, I am not sure how effective this whole lockdown will be… and in the end, that only means it will be extended. I wonder if all those people still running around are considering this consequence their behaviour will have.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is probably that unreason and disrespect already infested large parts of the population. 😦

How is everything where you live?

stay safe and healthy

your Fairy

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