crazy world 30


Button and I did travel by train through lockdown-Germany today. On the Underground to the main station, I would not even notice such a big difference. There were still many people. The ICE really was pretty empty, and I started with my favorite passing-time-activity: reading. But after a while, it got really hard on my eyes because the mask was blocking part of my view. Now I have a terrible headache. I do not know if it is due to reading with a mask or wearing a mask for 6.5 hours straight with only short drinking breaks…

By the way, some rows in front of me sat a woman who wore her mask the whole time under the nose and had to remove it at some point to redo her make-up and brush her hair. She even applied lipstick before putting back on the mask. As soon as we reached the station, she jumped out of the train to stay right where she landed to smoke, which is not allowed… weird people.

How is everything where you are? How are the people around you?

stay safe and healthy,

your Fairy

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