Planned Projects for autumn/winter 2011/2012


Somehow, even though I can’t remember we had a real summer, in Germany fall/autumn has started, reminding me it will be winter soon. I did some research what is becoming a trend next winter and planned according to that list some new projects. So to keep you curious these are my planned projects.

  • So one trend is to wear leather, patent leather and fake versions of them in something that looks like  softened fetish-clothes. My plan is to sew a fake-leather skirt.
  • Another trend is knitted sweaters with big yarns. I hope that I have enough time to show you some knitting basic and how to knit an easy sweater.
  • Like every winter furs become trendy again. I love working with fake-furs. My plan consists a vest/waistcoat and a bag (I also love doing bags)
  • A fun trend, if you like glitter, is to use more glittery and sequined fabrics. I planned a holder-neck-top.
  • Polka-dots. I am just working on a holder-neck with polka-dots. I will be up as soon as it is finished and I had some time to work on the video and the top-recipe.
  • Caps. I am definitely going to make a cap, but didn’t fully decide which fabric I am going to use. Maybe I will do one consisting two trends, like one with polka-dots or with glitter.

Did you hear about any other trends? Or do you have something you always wanted to know how to do? Please write me your suggestions. I will do my best to make a tutorial about your ideas soon.

All the best

Your TailorFairy

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