short summer skirt

so, after some cold days came some warm days, so I did a shorter version of the long skirt. Its also more in summer colors, bright blue with a flower print. I personally love flowers, if you don’t its no problem at all, you just pick any fabric you like, for the summer feeling take some jersey or light fabric, but of course it is also possible with denim or anything you can think of… I get new ideas already.



0.6 m Jersey with flower print

0.3 m Jersey for waistband

thread fitting the fabric 

and of course a sewing machine, paper, pen and scissors   

The pattern

       start with  the pattern from the long winter skirt, draw the outlines on a new paper, and shorten it to 26 cm (watch the video above to see how) and put a seam allowance all around, just not at the fold line

The Cutting

put the skirt template on the folded fabric right at the fold line and cut it 2 times in the same direction with the print, so the front and back will look the same (I didn’t made any pictures, so please check the video above for that)
  cut the waistband material into a square with the width of the wanted waistband twice (14 x 2 =28) plus seam allowance on both sides (28 + 2 =30 cm) and in the length: the girth on your body you want your waistband sit on (for me that was like 75 cm, considering the material will stretch out and again 1 cm allowance on each side, so 75 + 2 = 77 cm)


 sew the waistband-square into a ring (face-to-face, so you sew on the part thats inside in the end) with zigzag, fold the seam allowance into one direction and sew it again over from the right side with zigzag
do the same with the side seams (sorry, next time I’ll remember to take more pictures and not just movies)
 fold the waistband double in the width, pin it on the skirt, face-to-face, stretch the waistband and divide the bigger width of the skirt equally on the stretched waistband, then sew it with zigzag with a stretched waistband, controll you didn’t sew in any folds, fold the seam allowance into one direction, I folded it into the waistband, and sew it from the right side again with zigzag, then fold the hem allowance inward, pin it down and sew the hem with zigzag

Doesn’t it look fun? What does yours look like?
I hope you had fun doing this skirt with me, if there’s anything that you didn’t understand feel free to ask and I do my best to answer as soon as possible and as good as I can.
All the best
Your TailorFairy     


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