long-sleeve variation

so, I thought I’ll upload the variation of the summer long-sleeve right away, for all with only a normal sewing machine at home, its also very easy to do and even though you should stick to jersey, thats

nothing bad, since there are so many wonderful prints. I think you could do the main parts out of something woven, too. Just the waistband, cuffs and neck-band should be elastic. I’ll try something with unelastic fabrics soon and keep you posted. 😉 Its the same pattern as the other long-sleeve, I copied the tutorial for the pattern, so you don’t have to search for it, I will also add it to my pattern library soon.



1 m jersey

 0.5m jersey in a fitting color, or about 2m waistband

some similar shirt for the pattern

2m small elastic(ca3cm wide)

1m wide elastic(ca 6cm wide)

sewing thread

sewing machine, pins, paper shears, tailor shears, set square, paper (I use paper table-cloth, because its cheap and easy to use) and pen


Put the top on the paper, mine was smoked so I stretched it a little

and fold the sleeves inside at the seams, and draw all around

redraw the lines with a set square and draw a line in the middle

use the middle line to even out the neckline

thats how the part looks for now

next draw the sleeve on paper, stretched again

then draw the sleeve a longer (mine had to be over to elbow)

finished sleeve

I made the neckline a little lower

measure that the seams at top and sleeve are the same length

then add seam allowance and cut both parts

for me the front/back-part looked a little small, so I measure it and noticed it really was less then half of the chest-circumference

draw the part on paper again and add to each side, 1/4 of the cm still needed

measure the sleeve-seam again and make sure its the same length, if necessary also add some cm to the side-seams of the sleeves

my new parts, and then cut them


fold the fabric, selvage on selvage, as you can see I could not put all parts in the same direction, even though with prints it is better that way, but well

I had to cut the sleeves in the opposite direction, remember you need to cut the sleeve twice

cut the parts


remember to secure your seams at beginning and end

pin the side-seams of the bodice and both sleeves

and sew with zigzag-stitching

fold the seam allowance into one direction and pin it

and sew it from the right side with zigzag again

all side-seams

turn the false side out of the bodice, put the sleeves with right side out inside and pin the seams

and sew with zigzag

fold the seam allowance to one side (I folded it into the sleeves) and pin it

and sew it with zigzag-stitching, the same on the other side

cut a line of the jersey, about 6cm wide

measure around your neckline then cut the strip in that measurement -1cm fold that in the middle, pin and sew with zigzag into a ring

fold the seam allowance to one side

and sew with zigzag one more time, then fold the width in the middle

and pin the the slightly stretched band to the neckline and sew with zigzag

then fold the seam allowance down and pin it

and sew with zigzag

now measure around your arm

and cut elastic and jersey in that measurement

put the one end of the elastic over the other and pin it, fold the jersey in the middle and pin it as well

sew the jersey twice with zigzag, as the other seams before and the elastic with zigzag , in a square like me is best

fold the jersey in the middle and put the elastic inside right at the fold
then pin the cuff to the sleeve, try to divide the fabric of the sleeve equally to the cuff, you will have folds, but keep them as little as possible by stretching the material of the cuff while sewing with zigzag
then fold the seam allowance into the sleeve and sew it again with zigzag, so the same with the other sleeve
cut the wide elastic in the length as your waist and the jersey in the same length and twice the width of the elastic  +2cm
then do the same as with the cuffs, sew into circles, fold the jersey in the middle and put the elastic ring inside

then pin the waistband to the top, stretch it a little

then sew it stretched with zigzag

then fold the seam allowance into the garment and sew it with zigzag again


with another fabric, no elastic and wider cuffs and waistband:

this is also the fitting long-sleeve to the short summer skirt:

I hope you like my long-sleeve ideas and let me know how yours turn out 😉 You find links to my facebook, twitter and youtube page, this way you be informed about anything new on my blog. Also let me know about tutorial-wishes, ideas and suggestions.

All the best

Your TailorFairy 


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