Sewing Machine

What you need for my projects is a sewing machine. But you don’t need to buy an all new very expensive one. When I started I used my mothers old machine and the one I am using now is already 10 years old, too.

For starting you don’t need a fancy sewing machine anyone will do that can sew a straight line and zigzag stitching. If it can do buttonholes thats great, but those can be done easily by hand, too.

So if you wanna get started ask around in your family if anyone still has an old machine somewhere standing around and later if you stick to your hobby you can buy yourself a fancy new machine with a lot of different stitching types.

Mine is a Daisy 325 by Husqvarna, but you should look what brand you best work with, when thinking of buying one. Go to a shop and try them all.

All the best

Your TailorFairy


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