cute elephant


I made the elephant out of the rest of the fabric I used for the baby-pants. I had some troubles with this one, even though I really like making toys, but I think the end result is cute anyhow.



20 cm of an un-elastic fabric
sewing thread
filling material
yarn for the tail
pattern (I used no. 42 of Kuscheltiere zum Selbermachen, Lea Sonderheft)
Toy-Eyes if you like some
sewing machine, hand sewing needle, pins


thats what my pattern look like, from left to the right: ear, half-back, belly, top-head, side-head, feet


thats the part I cut the pieces of, sadly you cant see the lines

thats the cut parts


pin the short seam in the side-head-parts, pin the ears to each other, right side in and leave it open where it gets sewn to the head, and sew them

cut the seam allowance and turn the ears with right side out

pin the side-head-parts for the trunk together

sew it and cut the seam allowance back, but be careful to keep it at the upper head

pin the top-head-part first to one side-head-part

then to the other

sew the seams

turn the right side out

take your filling material

and fill the head the way you like it

pin the ears to the head

and sew it with hand stitching

head finished unless you wanna add some eyes, then this would be the right time, by the way, the hole in the bottom is still there

close the back seam, but leave a hole

then pin the back parts to the belly-part

and sew the legs

now pin the feet to the legs and sew them

turn the right side out, as you can see my feet didnt work that well, there are small holes in the seam, I had to fix them with small hand stitches, anyhow maybe yours worked better, fill the body up with material

close the back-hole with hand-stitching

pin the head the way you like it to the body and sew it with hand-stitching firm to the body

take your yarn

twist it up and knot the ends together

and sew it to the butt.


Isn’t it cute? How do you like it? Dont forget to connect with me on facebook or twitter (links in the side-bar) to be informed about anything new.
there are still some polls/surveys, where you can decide for other tutorials: here and here and here
keep sewing and smiling

Your TailorFairy


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