baby-pants, so cute :)


the tutorial for the baby-pants I did for friends of mine, I had so much fun with it. When I get children one day they probably get most of their garments sewn by me. I hope I get some more opportunities to do kids and baby cloth till then ūüôā I used an burda pattern for this one. Hope you have fun with this!



0.50 m cotton ca. 1.50m wide, if 1.10m wide you need about 0.80 m
2 buttons
29 cm of elastic 2cm wide
sewing thread
pattern (mine: no. 145 of burda magazine 11/2003) (if you want a tutorial on how to copy a pattern of a pattern-sheet you can still vote here)
tailor shears, pins, hand sewing needle, sewing machine (and serger)

The Pattern

this is what the pattern looks like, I didnt do parts on the knees because it would have looked weird with the print


fold your fabric, selvage on selvage, take care of the grain line, my fabric is only 1.1m wide, if yours is wider it might look different

and cut them, the front flap need to be cut twice, because its cut in fold

copy the markings of the strap placements up to the double-part of the waistband and cut into the seam allowance to be able to see it later


pin inseams and side seams of the legs, the curve of the flap from marking to marking and the fold the straps and pin the long side and one short side

sew and cut the seam allowance short next to the seam, leave the rest as it was

also sew one short end and the long seam of the straps and cut the corner

sew the legs

sew the seam allowances with a serger or zigzag, turn one leg with the right side out

and then put the leg with right side out inside the other one and pin the crotch seam

and sew it, also with serger or zigzag

turn the straps around, easiest done with a pen pushing the fabric through and pin the edges

and sew them parallel to the edges

mark the seam allowance at the waistband and then 2.5 cm the  width of the waistband

fold the seam allowance in and then the 2.5cm over and pin it

also pin the straps in to the markings you did before, with the open ends

fold the straps up and pin them into place and sew the waistband 2.4 cm parallel to the edge

next you need your elastic, pin a safety pin through one end

pull the elastic through the waistband and pin the end to the fabric so it wont get pulled through

pull it through to the other end and pin it there, too. and sew the ribbon with a fe stitches in where you pinned it, becareful to stay on the seam allowance the stitches wont be seen later

next you turn the flap right side out and pin one side to the front of the right side of the pants

and sew it, but start and end before the 1 cm seam allowance

fold the flap over, the seam allowance of the open parts inward and pin the edges and right next to the seam at the seam you just did

and sew it, the curve parallel to the edge, the straight seam right next to the other seam so its almoust invisible

I had 3cm hem allowance, so I marked 1.5 cm at the hems

fold over at that marking and fold over again

then pin the hems

sew the hems, almoust finished

draw the buttonholes on, a few mm bigger then your buttons

sew the buttonholes, if your machine cant do buttonholes do them by hand, then cut them carefully open

and sew the buttons to the end of the straps


aren’t they cute? questions as always welcome!

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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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