new vest/waistcoat


so here comes the tutorial for the vest/waistcoat I was wearing in this styling. It was fast and easy done, at the evening before the day I wanted to wear it. I started with the vest/waistcoat-pattern I used for my last minute costume. And used the fabric I also used for my curtains. I hope you like it.



0.8 m woven fabric

sewing thread

paper, paper shears, tailor shears, pins and sewing machine


Find how I did the beginning pattern here.

draw the parts on another paper

go 2.5cm inward at the waist from the side-seam and shorten the shoulder seam 5cm

draw new lines on front and back part and cut them


Fold the fabric selvage on selvage

and fold it over again in a right angle to the selvages

pin the parts to the fabric, back part in fold, front part: centre front parallel to the selvages

and cut them.


first pin the side-seams together, of both parts

sew them and then fold the seam allowances open and sew parallel line to the side-seam

now pin both parts with right side inside to each other, shoulder seams stay open and a hole in the seam at the back

sew them

and cut the seam allowance in at the curves in the seam, then turn the vest with right side out through the hole you left at the back

pin the shoulder points that need to be sewn together

and pull the front-strap inwards with the back-strap

pull them through the hole again and pin the shoulder seams

and sew them

then pull them back to the right side

now pin all the seams

and sew all around, with that seam also close the hole in the back-part


I hope you like it! Questions as always welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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  1. […] this is becoming my favorite pants ever,(sure they had to be great they are based on one of my favorite bought pants) and that blouse pattern is great as well! I thought I’ll show you I was busy, even if I wasn’t busy writing and I took pictures, so a tutorial for blouse and pants are coming soon the vest/waistcoat is the same as this. […]

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