summery stripy curtain

I made this curtain twice for my 2 windows in my living room. I just love them, because of the color they make the light warm inside even if its rainy outside. They are easy to do, but take quite some time, because of all the edges you need to sew. I hope you like my idea, I would love to see what you make of it. ūüėČ Of course you can mix up the fabrics and colors.

So this is how I made it:



30 cm cotton in orange
20 cm organza in yellow
thread in green
Scissors, sewing machine and overlock sewing machine, set square or measuring tape

Pattern and Cutting

Fold the selvages of the cotton on each other and then do lines in a right angle to the selvages. One strip 8 cm wide, and 3 strips 6 cm wide.

then cut those lines.

Next do fold the selvages of the organza on each other, as with the cotton, again you need lines in a right angle to the selvages, since my lines were not visible on the fabric I used my pins at markings. This time you need only three strips, 6 cm wide.

and cut them.


Remember to secure your seams.

If you have a overlock-machine do rolled hem all around the edges of the 6cm wide strips of both fabrics. If not you could use a very close zigzag, or double-fold the edges and sew with a straight line, there a lot different methods to do nice edges.

At the 8 cm wide strip only do rolled hem at the short edges.

now you need an old fitting curtain, or you measure your window…

Lay the 6cm-strips on the old curtain, to find the right length for them. I did the length differently, but if you prefer you do them even. Then pin them to each other and cut the length.

pin the rest of the 6cm-strips on each other and cut them in the right length.

Then pin the other strips in order. Because of the cutting some short-edges do not have rolled hem now, you need to do that now, put only the down ends, the top you can keep open.

Next you put the 8cm wide strip on top of the others and pin it to the top-edges.

Then sew it with the sewing machine in a straight line. (1cm seam allowance)

Fold the seam allowance into the 8cm-strip, fold the strip in the middle and the seam allowance of the other side inwards, too. And pin it.

Thats what it looks like on the other side.

Then sew it close to the fold line with straight stitching.


I hope you have fun with this curtain! And it inspires you to your own individual ones!

As always: all your questions about this curtain and any other about sewing are welcome and will be answered!

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All the best

your TailorFairy

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