tank-top with braids in front and back

So, I watched “The Losers” the other day and fell in love with the top that Zoë Saldana wears in one scene and thought I could do something like it myself. So I came back to modifactions or as I learned “upcycling”. 🙂 I already work on other ideas, that is so much fun and so fast to do. So you can look forward to more crazy ideas I get from simple tops and long-sleeves. Sewing projects are also on the way, sorry lately I felt more like sewing than writing and cutting videos, but I will try my best to catch up with that.





tank top (mine is from Tally Weijl for ca. 6 €)
and you need tailor shears, pins and a set square or measuring tape

What you do

take your tank top

cut the band at the neck-hole off

fold side-seam on side-seam so you have a fold in the centre front

pin the outlines for the braided part

cut into 1cm stripes in a right angle to the fold

un-fold and start braiding: twist first and second strip around each other then pull the third strip through the loop you builded with the second strip. Now you have a loop in your third strip and pull the fourth through it and so on. You repeat that until the second last strip is a loop. Then you cut that loop in the middle and knot it around the last strip to secure your braiding.

Then you fold side-seam on side-seam again, this time working with the centre back. Pin a line 3 cm parallel to the fold and then cut in a right angle to the fold 1cm strips again, but stop before the hem. Then you braid the same way as above, cut the last strip and knot it around the hem.


So I hope you like my idea, its fast and easy and you dont even need a sewing machine. Keep updated through facebook, twitter or youtube about my next upcycle ideas and sewing projects and dont forget to show me what you made!

All the best

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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