flower power


so another baby-pants isnt that cute? I just have to wait for a taxnumber and I can start my shop. 🙂 well this one took quite a while because of the applique. But I really like the final look! 🙂 and as you can see, I am still in my 70s phase, the funny thing about that is that I saw in the stores the fashion for autumn and it looks like 70s. 🙂 I am a trendsetter 🙂



0.5 m cord fabric
0.2 m cotton with yellow check print
2 buttons
29 cm elastic 2cm wide
sewing thread yellow
paper, pins, paper shears, tailor shears, sewing machine, hand sewing needle and if you have one a serger

Pattern and cutting

pin the pant-parts from this pants and the flap-part from those to the cord fabric, remember you need to cut the flap twice in fold

draw a godet on paper in the length you want and the width you like

and cut the strap of the pant pattern and the godet out of the cotton fabric

pin the flaps together, from mark to mark, the godet to the front pants and fold the straps in the middle and pin the long side and one short end

draw some flowers on fabric scraps of the yellow cotton

pin the flowers to the places you want


remember to secure your seams at beginning and end

sew the godets (also with serger) and flap and straps, at cut the corners at flap and strap

turn the flap around and pin the seams, turn the straps around as well and pin the side-seam

sew the side-seam and the straps parallel to the corners

next applique the flowers with a really tight zigzag-stitching

looks like this

then pin the inside-leg seam

sew both leg seams also with serger or a overedging stitch, now turn one leg right side out and put it into the other, then pin the crotch-seam

sew the crotch seam and also use a serger

now mark your seam allowance (1cm) and from there mark the width of the waistband (2.5cm)

fold the waistband over at both lines and pin the straps in at the mark

sew the waistband then fold the the strap up and sew it in the same line again

next pin a safety pin in one end of the elastic and pull it through the waistband

pin the ends of the elastic to the ends of waistband

then secure it with some stitches

next pin the flap to the front, sew it but leave 1cm (or your seam allowance) at both ends open

fold it over, fold the back up and pin it all together

sew it parallel to the edges

mark half of your hem allowance

fold it at that mark and once again over and pin the hem

sew it

next place your buttons

mark the placement for the buttonholes and sew them

next sew the buttons to the end of the straps




Cute eh? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 🙂


keep sewing and smiling


your TailorFairy





  1. […] so yet another baby-pants. I made a fitting hat isn’t that cute? Well soon I gonna start selling my cute baby-stuff, it all took so much longer then expected: First I had to get the shop officially registered (I had to pay a fee of course) and that was quite difficult, because it was in another office then it should have been… in another building and then the person wasn’t there and I had to talk to the replacement, who was really nice, but of course did not know as much as I had hoped for. Well it wasn’t his fault. Then I had to go to another department to get my tax number, because even though a trade is registered you need a tax number before you can start selling stuff. Well there they told me it will take 2 weeks before I’ll get my number… luckily it only took 1 week, but now I am waiting for my account data, for the new bank account I opened and for the visa card I need to open a shop at etsy. Since I will be travelling in september I am already considering to officially open in october now… well lets see how long the bank needs to send me that data. Anyhow I took pictures and bring you a tutorial for the cute baby hat and tell you whats different about this baby-pants, if you wanna know how to sew them please check back here, here or here. […]

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