hippie baby pants with hat


so yet another baby-pants. I made a fitting hat isn’t that cute? Well soon I gonna start selling my cute baby-stuff, it all took so much longer then expected: First I had to get the shop officially registered (I had to pay a fee of course) and that was quite difficult, because it was in another office then it should have been… in another building and then the person wasn’t there and I had to talk to the replacement, who was really nice, but of course did not know as much as I had hoped for. Well it wasn’t his fault. Then I had to go to another department to get my tax number, because even though a trade is registered you need a tax number before you can start selling stuff. Well there they told me it will take 2 weeks before I’ll get my number… luckily it only took 1 week, but now I am waiting for my account data, for the new bank account I opened and for the visa card I need to open a shop at etsy. Since I will be travelling in september I am already considering to officially open in october now… well lets see how long the bank needs to send me that data. Anyhow I took pictures and bring you a tutorial for the cute baby hat and tell you whats different about this baby-pants, if you wanna know how to sew them please check back here, here or here.



for both:

0.4 m denim

0.5 m cotton print

0.1m vlieseline H220 (or another fusible interlining)

2 buttons

29 cm elastic, 2cm wide

sewing thread

pattern (I used for the hat no. 139 out of burda 7/2008)

sewing machine, (serger, if you have one, but you can also do without), tailor shears, paper shears, paper, iron and ironing board, pen and pins 


I took the legs of this pants and cut 3cm, make sure the new line has the same length as the old one

then add 3cm to the hem from the down-leg part

so the legs in total look like this

I took the round flap from the original pattern and the strap and thats all parts you need, see how to sew it here.

thats the parts of the hat pattern, burda mag 7/2008, pattern no.139 B. Top, side, brim and strap parts with seam allowance (if you aren’t sure how to copy a pattern out of a magazines pattern sheet you can still vote at the end of this post for a tutorial, how I do it)

Cutting (be sure you cut everything in the right grain line)

I used some leftover denim, to cut the pant parts the side-hat-part and the top-hat-part, the side part I would need twice, but one will be inside the hat, so it was not a big problem to cut it of the other fabric, if you have enough you can cut it twice though

all other parts will be cut of the cotton print, remember to cut the side-hat-part here again, and the brim and flap twice

cut the brim-part also out of fusible interlining (folded)

and again, in the end you need 4 brim parts of cotton and fusible interlining

then iron the fusible interlining to the wrong side of the fabric

Sewing (remember to secure your seams at beginning and end)

then pin the side-parts and brim parts together and fold the straps in the middle and pin the long and one short side

and sew those pinned seams, cut the corner at the straps

and turn the straps around, start at the sewn short end and push it in with a thick blunt needle or something else with a similar size

and then they should look like this

now pin the side-parts to the top-parts (always pin parts together with other seam allowances fold apart)

sew them and cut the seam allowance in

same with the other

when pinning the brim to the inside heat pin the open end of the straps to the connecting seams

pin the rest of the brim to the side but leave about 6 cm open, the straps are in between both layers

sew them and cut the seam allowances in again

the finished inside hat, here you can see the placement of the straps

sew the brim to the side also with your outer hat, then put the outer hat with the right side out into the inner hat with right side in, so right side is on right side

pin the brim line and sew it

cut the seam allowance in half

then turn the hat around, through the hole you left at the inside hat

a hat-ball 😉

then pin the seams of outside and inside hat to each other

then sew close and parallel to the edge of the brim, sew right on the seam between brim and side (so its almost invisible) by that seam you also close the hole

and then also pin the top-seams of inner and outer hat together and also try to sew that in the same line as the seam already there so it will be hidden



so with the pants I would appreciate your help, which buttons do you think fit best? or would you try something totally different?

Looks great together huh?

Let me know what you think! If there is something not understandable, please ask and I try to explain it better!

keep sewing and smiling


your TailorFairy


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