Jacket Part7: Finish!


so I finished my jacket. How is yours coming along. I really like it, even though the sleeves are a little short, but still ok, so I dont have to worry to much, but if I will use that pattern again I will make the sleeves longer. πŸ˜‰

Well here is how to get the lining into the jacket: (or at least how I do it)

pin the lining to the jacket, starting at the neck, right side to right side

pin it all around but leave a hole open at the waistband, when sewing the lining to the waistband also pin it to the seam allowance you ironed up, so the waistband stays the way its supposed to be

and sew it all around

then turn it through that hole around so the right side is out

looks lik that

then put the sleeves in the other ones

then reach inside and pull the seam allowances at the shoulder of jacket and lining out (ignore my foot and bags πŸ˜‰ )

pin the seam allowances from the sleeves of jacket and lining at shoulder and side seam together

and sew with a few stitches

so now you can pull the lining out of the sleeves anymore when pulling at the bodice part, this way everything will stay where it belongs when you put that jacket on and off later

next make sure the lining sleeves isn’t turned in itself and straight in the jacket sleeve then pin the lining to the waistband

pull the sleeves through that still open hole

again pin the lining to the inner cuff and the ironed up seam allowance of the sleeve, so the cuffs will stay in their form

looks fully pinned like that, lining over cuff. you need to put in some folds, since the jacket sleeve is ruffled

of course do that with both sleeves and then sew them

turned back it should look like this, now pin the lining to the slit, a little back from the fold in the sleeve-slit

and sew with handstitches as invisible as possible

finished! (I just dont like hand-sewing)

well pin the seam allowances at the waistband where you left your hole together

and sew it

then fold the lining seam allowance inside and pin it to waistband… and guess what: more hand-sewing

my corners also did not look good so I also did some hand-stitches there

I liked press fasteners for the look of the jacket best for the cuffs

I used my eyelet setter to get them in place

started with the top-parts

then the rest

and close


admire my cool shoebox-contruction to get the jacket higher above the ground so you could see the sleeves better πŸ˜‰

So what do you think? If there is anything you dont understand yet, or you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to help!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Great job! Love that I found another blogger who like sewing! I will be having a give-away on my blog in the near future, so if you follow me, you can be one of the lucky to get a free gift from my etsy shop when it opens!

    – Marie (:

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