so here finally comes the tutorial for the dress. For this I used a pattern from Knipmode an sewing magazines I bought in the netherlands and no I dont speak the language;). Well if you like to do something like this you can use any dress-pattern without drats and just cut it into stripes to get an similar look.



3 different colors of jersey (white: ca 30cm, orange: ca. 50cm, brown: ca. 60cm)

sewing thread

pattern (mine is pattern no. 19 of Knipmode April 2012, but you can also use another dress pattern and  cut into stripes, add seam allowance at the cut-lines and you get a similar look)

sewing machine, pins and tailor shears

My pattern

thats what my pattern looks like. I dont speak netherlands and I thought that wont be a problem, since I dont need to read the instructions, but then it took me quite a while to find if there is seam allowance included in the pattern… that was kinda fun.


fold the white fabric, selvages meet in the middle and pin front and back of the top to the folds

fold the orange fabric selvage on selvage, and pin front and back of the middle to the folds and the sleeve-part next to it according to the thread line

depending on the width of your fabric, fold in the middle selvage on selvage or selvages to the middle and place the skirt-parts at the fold

and cut all parts


Pin the seams between the different parts of front and back and the sleeve-seams.

and sew them. I used the stretch-stitch of my machine, you could use zigzag as well, but then you need to see twice and have the zigzag on the right side visible as well and I wanted to avoid that.

next pin first the seams directly onto each other

then pin the rest of the side-seams

sew them, careful at the seams, best sew over the needles you pinned in there

turn the sleeves with right side out

and pin it into the sleeve-hole

sew it, starts to look like a dress huh?

now measure around your neck-hole

and cut a strip with that measurement – 2 cm and 5cm wide

sew the short ends together

fold in the middle and pin it slightly stretched to the neck-hole. best place the seam of the strip at the shoulder

and sew it

pin the hems inward and the seam allowance of the neck-strip down

and see all with zigzag


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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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