how I made my latest dress


today the weather finally started to feel like end of april. 🙂 Sadly all that weather changes make my head hurt, but I am on a sewing roll nonetheless, so it will not stop me.

So I thought I show you how I made my faux suede/lace dress on monday. 

DSCF4248Again I used the pattern of the color-blocking-dress

DSCF4249I pinned the middle to the down part and drew the outline onto another paper, then I did cut 6cm of the top of that new part

DSCF4250and that I added to the top-part

DSCF4251and draw on another paper and  add 2times your seam allowance at the bottom

DSCF4252divide  the skirt part into 4 similar wide strips

DSCF4253cut them and place them on a paper and split them open to them as much as you like it

DSCF4254my skirt part looks like this… sorry next time I take a thicker pen

DSCF4255then I did flare it a little more from the hip on, because I didnt wanted it to wide around my hips

DSCF4256then do the same with the front part

DSCF4257draw on paper

DSCF4258cut the top 6cm off

DSCF4259draw that strip on paper

DSCF4260and add 2times your seam allowance at the down end

DSCF4261divide the skirt into strips

DSCF4262put strips on paper

DSCF4263control its about the same as the back

DSCF4264and add a triangle from the hip down again

DSCF4281cut the sleeves, the back part and the front strip of lace

DSCF4284DSCF4283DSCF4282the other parts from the suede

DSCF4285pin the front parts together and the back parts and the sleeve seams and the shoulder dart. After that its the same as with this dress

DSCF4286 DSCF4287I like the dress, but I if I do another one like it again I will put the strip in the front a little more down, since its going up my bust when moving. I am thinking of putting some fabric behind it, to feel more comfortable when wearing it. For the dress I definitely will wear another bra. 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 


  1. I think you could move the lace to the top of the bust so that the solid part of the dress looks like a boob tube? Is that practical? (I don’t have any formal instruction with sewing, so I quite often attempt things ‘seamingly’ impossible!!)

    • Thank you! I am glad you like my blog! I use paper table cloth, because its cheap and comes in big sizes. Packing paper works too, I just dont like that it is that stiff. Of course all that great stuff you can buy in the sewing store works fine, its just that I dont like the prizes. 😉 I am from Germany.

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