Top 5 of 2013


I read some of the posts about the top5 of 2013 an annual blog series by crafting a rainbow. I thought that was a great idea to reflect the past year, so here is my version:



My 5 hits:

Of all the great things I made this year those 5 I wore the most:

DSCF4311T-shirts (Tutorial)

DSCF5231Jacket with hood (tutorial) and maxi skirt with pockets (tutorial)

DSCF5473 green blouse (tutorial for a similar blouse here, step by step for what I changed soon) and  jacquard maxi skirt (tutorial)


My 5 misses:

I just never wore them, with some I know why, with others I have no idea.

DSCF4060I wore the other tie neckline blouses quite a bit, but for some reason not this one.

DSCF5390this skirt I just never really finished, the length is wrong and the hem looks weird

DSCF4286I still like this dress, but you cant wear it with tights, and the fabric is totally wrong for summer, maybe I will do another version with a different fabric one day, since I still like the pattern (tutorial)

DSCF4575 I like to wear all my other maxi skirts, but I dont wear this one, I guess its the color, but I don’t know (tutorial1 + tutorial2)

DSCF4494 I really dont know what it is about this one, I like the color and the look, I still haven’t worn it once yet (tutorial)

My 2 reflections

I know I am 3 short, but I learned mostly 2 things:

dont sew only things with print fabric, you need some uni-colored or you get a problem with matching them.

sew the same amount of tops as bottoms. there was a time I had lots of tops but not enough bottoms to match them with.


My 5 inspirations

Well I guess you all noticed I like the 70s at the moment, so my main inspirations are tv-shows and movies from that time:

charlie’s angels

the persuaders

70s german Schlager-movies

exhibition “Geschmacksache” and exhibition catalog



My Goals

I don’t set myself goals for the new year, when I set myself a goal I do it at any day in the year, I just do not have the patience to wait for new years when I have an idea;)


Well I hope that was interesting for you, I liked looking back at the past year this way, maybe you like doing something like this as well or check what other bloggers top5 were.

Anyhow I wish you all a very happy new year!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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