how to sew a top with waterfall-neckline


I hope you all had a better start into 2014 then me. I got a bad cold, so I couldn’t start working on my UFO’s yet.

DSCF5564Anyhow this pattern I saw in burda style 12/13 and I just had to try it. Its pattern #119 AB.

DSCF5565DSCF5566I cut the sleeves and 1 of the waistband-parts, then I folded the selvedges into the middle and cut the front part in fold, same as the back part and the second waistband part

DSCF5567DSCF5568first I pinned the back neckline and sewed

DSCF5569now I folded the front as marked in the pattern

DSCF5570folded the facing over and pinned the shoulder parts together and sewed

DSCF5571now pinned the front and back shoulder seams together and sewed

DSCF5572then I pinned the open sleeve from marking to marking to top and front, on both sleeves and sewed

DSCF5573next I folded the front and back on top of each other, right side inside and pinned the side-seam and sleeve seam

DSCF5574then I pinned the side seams of the waistband-parts and sewed

DSCF5576then pinned the waistband part to the bodice, sewed

DSCF5577and then hemmed the bodice and sleeves

This was a really fast project, I used a stretch-velvety fabric that does not fray so I did not need to use any overedging or my serger.

DSCF5578 DSCF5579 (copy) DSCF5580 (copy)

I hope this was helpful for you, I probably make another top like this, but it will not become one of my favorite patterns. Burda said to do an elastic in the waist, which I didn’t do, I liked the overall look better that way, and I am short waisted, so the elastic would have been at the wrong place anyhow;) If there are any questions left, please let me know.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 


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