t-shirt how to


today isn’t my day, my head still hates the weather changes and since today was an sunday stores had open I had to stand in the store, smile and thanks to the bad air in there my head is about to explode now. So I will go to sleep early today, but before that I wanted to show you how I made my t-shirts.

DSCF4295I bought this fun knitting fabric coming in a tube, to test if it would fit I put it on, so admire my tube dress;) as you might notice I did fit in it…

DSCF4304so I used the pattern of the color-blocking-dress (again, I know), it didnt fit quite on the fabric, so I moved the centre front and centre back a little bit out there, because I preferred the neckline a little smaller instead of the armhole a little bit smaller, especially since I knew the neckline wasnt very tight already


DSCF4306and made it a little longer, notice the pins below the pattern? and then I pinned the sleeve part to the fabric and also made that quite a bit longer, when cutting I still tried to match up the stripes, which I noticed later just didnt work

DSCF4307cut the parts look like that, sorry the middle parts of the bodice already removed

DSCF4308thats what the parts look like, when sleeve seams pinned, thanks to the tube I didnt have any side seams, and I also cut one strip for the neckline later

DSCF4309sew the sleeve seams, turn the sleeves right side out and pin them to the bodice, by putting them into the bodice with wrong side out and sew

DSCF4310last measure around the neckline and cut the strip in that length, sew the ends together, fold in the middle and sew it stretched to the neckline, then fold the seam allowance down and sew it into place.


DSCF4311 DSCF4322 DSCF4326 DSCF4320DSCF4312 DSCF4313 DSCF4314

So what do you think? Any questions left?


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Last time I made a jersey dress, my hems (neck, arm, bottom hem) all stretched…how do I avoid that? You must know, your hems look lovely!

    • Thank you! In my experience the thicker the Jersey the less the hem stretches to much.
      besides that I fold the hem only once inside to keep the hem thin and stitch with zigzag, trying very hard not to stretch the fabric while sewing, because zigzag is an elastic stitch. But If you look at the hem of the brown bodice you might notice it didnt work that well there, them hem makes waves. If it is just this little washing and ironing helps. If nothing works put an elastic ribbon inside the hem which sews well. πŸ˜‰ I hope that helps with your next attempt. For sweaters and thinks like that I normally do a waistband or something similar at the hems to avoid that, like with this sweater: https://tailorfairy.com/2012/11/28/70s-sweater/

  2. I love them all – especially the black one with the striped sleeves. I just bought a course on craftsy about sewing with knits, I want to try this after I do the course. Looks great!

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