70s sweater


as you notice my 70s phase is turning serious;) This sweater is something I made in one day, with a long break in the middle;)



1m of each color of an elastic fabric


sewing machine/serger, pins, sweater and scissors



start with a long-sleeve/sweater that fits you well and draw around the bodice folded in the middle

then copy the sleeve (half of it) as well

then mark where you want your stripes to be

and cut

then draw the pieces on another paper and add seam allowance, also do one top front, with a lower neckline, and copy the sleeves over to have the whole sleeve parts


cut the bodice parts in fold and the sleeve parts, depending on the stripes you want, I cut the top and low bodice parts and the cuffs and the middle sleeve part in one color, and the middle bodice part, waistband, top and low sleeve parts in the other color, remember you need to cut the bodice parts twice in fold


pin the bodice front parts and back parts together and also the sleeves (but not cuffs or waistband yet

but fold the cuffs in the middle and pin them, also pin the side-seams of the waistband

after sewing the stripes (I used my serger), pin and sew the side seams and the sleeve seams

then turn the sleeves with right side out and pin them into the arm holes, and sew

next fold waistband and cuffs in the middle and pin them to bodice and sleeves

almost finished

now you need to measure around your neck-line minus a few cm and cut one strip 5 cm wide, sew into a ring, fold in the middle and sew to the neckline


for this one, I only did one bodice front and back part


I already wore them quite a few times 🙂 How do you like them?


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


I love to read your comments

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