Fast and easy winter hats


I have this one winter-hat I really like, because its long enough to go over my ears and it just fits great. But it is already more then 10 years old (see how great it is ;)) and it is blue, which is a nice color, but doesnt fit to well with most of the colors I wear and doesnt look to great with my red and brown winter-jacket. Neither with the still becoming winter-coat. Anyhow. Remember the 70s-sweater? I still had some of those nice knits and thought I just do twins of my old favorite hat in better fitting colors. 😉

DSCF3821my favorite hat is actually one long tunnel with two round ends, getting folded in the middle and one end put into the other, that way its double layered, to make the pattern I folded it open and then to the quarter in the length, and then draw that on 4 times always folding over, after I cut the paper I also folded it that way and cut the curves again, so they are even
DSCF3822cut the pattern and fold face to face in the middle

DSCF3824sew with serger if your using a thicker knit like me, so keep the fabric from building runs, sew the long side and the short rounds on the other side

DSCF3825then turn around so the open ends lay over each so you can sew it in one round, but leave the other end open

DSCF3826turn the right side out and sew the open end, then turn the end with the visible seam inside the other end

DSCF3827fold up and you hat is finished;)

I hope this was helpful for you, it really is really easy and fast to do, if you use a bigger knit you just need a good overedging stitch, if you use jersey you dont, because jersey usually doesnt build runs. 😉 If you have any questions, please dont be hesitant to ask.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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