Pants part1: Pattern and cutting


I know I kept you waiting with the wintercoat again, thanks to trying to finish up with all christmas gifts I wont manage it this weeks, and thanks to family visiting as well not next week. So I will keep waiting some more, but I have finished my pants and blouse I showed you here. So from now on on fridays I’ll upload the next steps of the pants and on monday or tuesday some steps of the blouse. 😉 So at least new things on the blog, I really wanna finish the coat, but thats why its christmas right? because you do something for friends and family 😉 well anyhow this are the first steps of my new favorite pants. I have this really well fitting white pants with a little stretch in the fabric. Luckily my brown striped fabric was stretchy, too. If your pants are stretchy and the used fabric isnt, you should add some more cm to the sides. 😉

DSCF3836put the pants on paper and fold at the side-seams, so that the additional fabric from the back-pants is folded and draw around the front pants, fold at the waistband to have the top-line

DSCF3837looks like this

DSCF3838then do the same with back pants, this time its a little more complicated because you can lay that back pants straight on the table, so you have to turn it carefully, this time fold at the facing at the back

DSCF3839then copy the same way your facing, waistband and such and add seam allowance all around(4 times at the hem). add facing at the centre front for your zipper

DSCF3850then draw on your pockets, and you pocket opening, mine is just slight line

DSCF3852then copy the pocket part (bigger one) and the lining part, without the pocket opening 😉

DSCF3853then I constructed the back pocket

DSCF3854and added seam allowance (3 times at the top)

DSCF3856DSCF3857DSCF3858DSCF3859then place all parts on the fabric, pin straight to the grain line, I also put the vest/waistcoat parts on and cut, the wasitband needed to be cut in fold

Any questions left?

Next week: zipper and pockets.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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