Handmade Kultur magazine impressions


I really shouldnt plan to get anything done on saturdays… 😉 or sundays, because today I was lazy, but after working like a busy bee all week I guess I had some right to be. 😉

Well anyhow today its again about a german magazine, even though it hast 1 or 2 patterns included every time I wouldnt call it a sewing mag, but rather a crafting mag, an artsy crafting mag.DSCF4008 It has one of those modern names, part english and part german, (is Germany the only country that does that?) Well besides the name it is a really great magazine, for me mostly for inspriration, because as I said its a little bit artsy, and I like my stuff more practical. Anyhow, they have tutorials for different crafting ideas, news of the crafting scene, essay about shops and stores, books and blogs and about different cities and what shops, workshops they have for crafting people. They do like 6 issues a year, each 6.90€, but for that prize you get an good quality mag on thick paper and with beautiful pictures and a lot of information. So if you like any kind of crafts and maybe are a little artsy or more on the extravagant side, this is the mag for you and you should check it out.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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