what does a chocoholic wear on a public holiday…

… when she runs to the next gas station (20 mins away) to get chocolate? All shops are closed on sundays and public holidays in Germany

and yes I am happy now. 🙂

DSCF4587 DSCF4588t-shirt: made by me

pants: mustang

shoes: converse


      • In the US, most stores and things stay open like any other day. Even on Thanksgiving and Christmas, where a lot of places close early/ don’t open, there are still a number of shops that are open for business. It all depends on the company and what they decide to do. Often, administration personnel will get the day off, but the general retail staff (or wait staff if it’s a restaurant) will still have to work. It’s sad. It would be nice if everyone was actually able to have the holidays to relax/ be with family/ etc.

      • restaurants are also open on holidays, I think christmas is probably their busiest days of the year. gas stations are pretty much all days open as well, but most other stores close on sundays and public holidays like supermarkets and clothing stores. If you live in a small town stores also close in the early afternoon on saturdays, and probably close 1 to 2 hours around lunchtime. The bigger city the longer the stores are open. Nurses and doctors in hospitals have to work on holidays as well I guess. And policemen and firefighters. I dont know about you, but I think christmas with all the candles and new years with the fireworks is pretty busy for firefighters. So stores really are open on christmas in the US? 😮

      • Yes. Stores are really open on Christmas. And New Years. And our Independence Day. And Labor Day. And any other holiday. Every day is a day that corporations can make more money. And they over-commercialize these holidays to entice more people to shop – Memorial Day weekend sales, Labor Day sales events, etc.

        Christmas and Thanksgiving are the 2 big holidays here where the majority of shops either close for the day or close early. But, most of your big box retailers and groceries stay open for last minute shopping/ returns/ etc. Everything here revolves around what will make money. Nothing else is more sacred than the dollar.

      • I Germany we actually have quite a few public holidays, most of them have a catholic origin, and in some states there are more holidays the other, people would demonstrate on the streets if one of them was taken away. 🙂 But on the other hand they also commercialize all holidays. What were supposed to buy as presents for christmas will get more expensive every year, and for easter its not only chocolate eggs anymore, and for mothers day a bouquet of flowers is also to little. Here we celebrate christmas on christmas eve, shops close at 2pm, and stay closed for the next 2 days. on new years eve they also close 2pm and new years day everything is closed too, besides restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, policestations and such.
        I am afraid its everywhere on the world like that, that the money becomes the most important thing.

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