maxi skirt: sewing


I just noticed I never gave you the sewing how to for the maxi skirt! I am so sorry. But here they finally are: the sewing steps of the maxi skirt!

DSCF4537pin the skirt parts together, but leave one side open

DSCF4550sew all seams and use your serger, or an overedging stitch of your sewing machine, also on the open ends

DSCF4551place your zipper (mine is 20cm long)

DSCF4552and mark the length

DSCF4553sew from there down with normal wide stitching and do some stitches back and forth at the end

DSCF4554then sew the later zipper opening with really wide stitching

DSCF4555iron the seam allowances apart

DSCF4556DSCF4557pin the zipper in place

DSCF4558and sew it

DSCF4559then undo the wide stitching

DSCF4560DSCF4561test if it works properly

DSCF4562measure around the waistline

DSCF4563cut a strip 4 times your seam allowance and as the length the measurement

DSCF4564pin it all around to the skirt, leave some standing over at beginning and end, so the open ends wont be showing later, this way the strip is a little shorter


DSCF4566DSCF4567fold up and over the seam allowance and inside, so the seam allowance is all wrapped in the strip

DSCF4568sew all around

DSCF4569now double fold the hem and pin

DSCF4570and sew, I used some decorative stitching

DSCF4571and sew a hook in to the waistband to keep it closed


I hope this is helpful for you, if there are any questions please let me know!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. […] then measure around the top end and cut a strip with that length and 4.5 cm wide. (I didnt have any check left over so I took the red fabric) sew it all around a little stretched to the top fold over and sew again (you can see how detailed here) […]

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