jacquard skirt how to


so almost all my things are packed into boxes but I will be moving on friday… I guess I miscalculated the time quite a bit. What am I supposed to do in an empty apartment surrounded by boxes and furniture in parts?

Anyhow this are the steps how I made my jacquard skirt (which is also already packed, because I thought pants would be better for packing and such, now I could wear it anyhow since I wont be packing all days;) )

DSCF4936I started with the pattern of the red maxi skirt, then drew the lines up to the waist and went from there straight until just below the chest. I added some curvy part at the top where I wanted the straps to end

DSCF4937now I placed it on the fabric, the jacquard is elastic with the grain line, so I cut in a 90° angle to it, so my parts would be stretchy. I cut once (2parts) with the strap ending. Then I folded that away and cut it 3 more times (6parts).

DSCF4938now I pinned all parts together, with the longer parts at the side front positions

DSCF4939 (copy)I left the part open where the zipper was going to. I wanted to use a normal zipper like in the maxi skirt, but the only one at home in the right color I had was an invisible one, so I used that one, a tutorial for a invisible zipper can be found here.

DSCF4983After sewing and serging all side seams I folded the hem up twice and pinned and sewed

DSCF4984same at the top

DSCF4988I used 3cm wide dungarees fittings, so I cut 2 strips in the wished length plus some ease and 8cm wide, 2x3cm plus 2xseam allowance and sewed them into straps, turned the right side out

DSCF4989the buttons came as a set and where really easy to attach I just pressed the parts together with my fingers

DSCF4990then I placed the endings on the back as I wanted them and sewed in place, in the other seams, so it will not show as much

and finished!

DSCF4991 DSCF4992

This one was really fun and I cant wait to unpack and wear it!

If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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