red maxi skirt: what I changed


as I said I changed some things of the maxi skirt with bleached hem for this skirt, and I wanted to show you what… so here it is:

DSCF4749so I took the pattern of the maxi skirt and folded it into 3 about equally long parts

DSCF4750then I drew it onto another paper, with markings at that 2 folds, and I drew lines connecting the marks, and the I split the 2 down parts up into 3 equally wide strips, the down end is wider

DSCF4751then I cut it into the 3  parts

DSCF4752and the middle part into the 3 strips. I did only a spilt about 0.5cm from the end line of the top part, the ends touching the side-seam again

DSCF4753draw around it

DSCF4754thats the top 2/3 of the skirt

DSCF4755I had markings where the strips end and marked the 0.5cm again

DSCF4756and placed the strips of the down third there

DSCF4757and draw again around the strips and connect them for the hem-line (ignore my chaos around the table;))

DSCF4758I also added one cm to the waist

DSCF4759then folded it in the middle, to control if it was symmetrical, of course it wasn’t and I had to cut back a little

DSCF4760see how it goes wider to the hem then the original I placed on top of it

DSCF4761DSCF4762DSCF4763I made this skirt with a plain woven fabric, so I could cut  it in both directions, which was great, since it saved a lot of fabric, plain weave fabrics in my experience have a great look for long wide skirts, because they fall nicely


DSCF4764what I also changed up: I only double-folded the waistband instead of adding any other part, that gives it a very simple and clean look

DSCF4765 DSCF4766and here are the pictures of the finished skirt again

I hope this was helpful for you and you are having a great week!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


    • Its actually table cloth made of paper, for parties and such, I haven’t seen anyone use it for it in a while though. I use it because it is a soft paper that moves with the fabric and because you can get a 2m long roll with 10m rolled up for about 3€.

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