TailorFairy History: maxi skirt patterns


What post else was popular in 2013? Two posts about pattern-how-to for maxi skirts.

I used to love to wear long and wide skirts, and I have sewn quite a few over the years. The red one I wore for years,  the blue and lilac one not that much. I stopped wearing my maxi skirts when I started working at my job because there are some stairs in the store I have to walk up and down very often throughout the day, carrying things. That means I do not have a hand free to hold up the skirt. Of course, long skirts would also not work for cycling. 😉 

Anyways, I put up the tutorial about how to construct the pattern of the lilac and blue skirt, and many liked and read that post:


Interestingly more than the later post about the sewing. 😉 

Then I thought I would like an even wider hem and altered that pattern to get to the red skirt. And guess what, that post about the pattern alteration was almost as much read as the original pattern tutorial:


 What do you think? Did you read those post back in 2013? Did you know I also wrote some pattern tutorials? Are there any pattern tutorials you are looking for?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy

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