autumn/fall cycling outfit drawing


It is getting colder and rainy here, autumn/fall is about to start. Of course, I am not stopping riding my bicycle, so I am planning some new things to sew and wear. 😉

I used a figurine from F.V. Feyerabend’s “Modefigurinen”-book.

So, the pants I already own, maybe you remember them from this post. But I am planning to sew myself that fleece-sweater and that really light vest/waistcoat. With the vest/waistcoat I already started, we got this new interesting fabric at the store I work.

Anyways, in case you ever wondered what my set up for drawing looks like, what pens I use and how a drawing is developing, I took some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

keep sewing, drawing and smiling

your Fairy




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