fleece sweater for cycling


Maybe you remember my cycling outfit drawing and my new fabrics? Well, this is how it turned out in real:


It is really comfy, and the fabric is excellent for cycling because it comes already pretty dry out of the washing machine. I wore it on my last tour to Lübeck, and it felt great. The pattern I used is self-drafted.

The only trouble I had was with the colour, it was supposed to be the same red and beige as in my bicycle T-Shirt I put next to it. The Spoonflower-Service-People were really lovely and even reprinted it for me, but it must be the fleece that just shows the colour so different.

I also like the brown, so I am not sad, but I wanted it to fit together. So you can order both prints on Spoonflower as well, just be aware anything between those 2 shades can happen, depending on the fabric. 😉 If you like the brown order it on the fleece, the red on performance Pique. 😉

I will definitely wear this a lot and probably make another one, now that I have more of the fabric.

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy


  1. […] As I told you, I have some additional fabric from the fleece, so I thought about what to sew from it. And decided that Button needs a jacket for colder days, too. (I am not forgetting his rainjacket.) Also, I want to sew a helmet cover for rainy days and yes I know fleece is not waterproof. I want to use it for a helmet-cover because it will keep the water from dripping from the helmet, which can be pretty annoying, getting all that water in your face and neck. And lastly, I am thinking of doing a saddle cover as well. I like my crocheting for the saddle, but its cotton and that stays wet for a long time, maybe fast-drying fleece would be better. […]

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