adventure preparation 26

(This is a weekly blogging series, started before I did my first weeklong bicycle tour around the little belt on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.  Now I want to do the whole Bicycle Route next year, and for that, I do some shorter tours to stay in training, study Danish, do other sports, sew some things, plan, map, buy, and worry. And blog about that every Sunday… it is an adventure.)


After getting very wet last Sunday and again Tuesday I decided I needed some waterproof socks. I do have my over-shoes, but on Sunday, when my pants were totally soaked, the water started flowing down into my shoes nonetheless. And even though they work well cycling, they are not that great for walking.

So waterproof socks:prep26-1

They are by Otter, and I ordered them on amazon. I wore them all day yesterday, but, of course, if you finally got waterproof socks, it is getting sunny, and you do not get a chance to test them. I will tell you more after the first rains. 😉

As I told you, I have some additional fabric from the fleece, so I thought about what to sew from it. And decided that Button needs a jacket for colder days, too. (I am not forgetting his rainjacket.) Also, I want to sew a helmet cover for rainy days and yes I know fleece is not waterproof. I want to use it for a helmet-cover because it will keep the water from dripping from the helmet, which can be pretty annoying, getting all that water in your face and neck. And lastly, I am thinking of doing a saddle cover as well. I like my crocheting for the saddle, but its cotton and that stays wet for a long time, maybe fast-drying fleece would be better.

I also want to decorate the dark part of my new helmet a little, I have white and yellow reflective tape and those green glue-on-plastic-stones. What should I use? White or yellow? Or both?


I also cycled 55.32 km this week in 3:47:43, went to swim-training (45 mins), did 1 strength workout and studied about an hour Danish.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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