let’s talk about (my) bicycle helmets


Everyone seems to have an opinion about bicycle helmets.  There are people trying to convince everyone you should wear a helmet, others are saying that helmets do not really help or save you.

I am no engineer, or whoever would know such things, but I decided for myself pro helmet. I haven’t always thought this way. As a  kid, I hated helmets… just like everyone I guess. I also never understood why I had to wear one when mum and dad didn’t.  As a teenager and young adult, I did not wear one. Then my bicycle broke, I used to get around while in fashion school, and before I had my new one, I got used to walking everywhere. Well, that I bought the wrong bicycle for me, probably was another reason why I kept walking…

When  I planned going back to cycling about 2 years ago and buying myself a new bicycle about 1.5 years ago, I also planned on buying myself a helmet. Why? Walking all these years, I had quite a few almost-accident, where I could only save myself by jumping backwards. A bicycle can not jump backwards. Even if I pedal very cautiously, I can not account for all other pedestrians, bicycles, or cars. A bike does not have an airbag, so I at least wear a helmet. Another thing that made this easy for me is that I am already always wearing something on my head: If it’s warm and sunny I have to protect from the sun, and all other times I have to protect my ears.

Actually, I do not care if others wear a bicycle helmet or not, everyone has to decide for themselves what they want to do. But I always wonder about those, that wear helmets but totally wrong, mostly far back into their neck. They really put themselves more in danger that way, they would be safer without a helmet. 😉

Anyways, I cycled 22 km today, to the bicycle store and back to get my new bicycle helmet. So let me show you my helmet collection:

My first helmet is the white and black one by Uvex. They sold it to me in the store, when I bought Leif for about 80 €. I first got troubles with that one, when it got cold. It does not cover the ears. So I started trying around with hats under the helmet, but nothing was warm enough for me.

Then I started looking for another bicycle helmet, that was suitable for winter and have not found any. So I looked into other sports helmets and bought myself this ski helmet by Alpina for circa 100€. I put some reflective stickers on it and also a red light at the back because in winter I mostly cycle in the dark. It fits well and keeps my head and ears warm.

When I switched back to my summer helmet, I noticed that it actually does not fit that well. It is a little uncomfortable, and I am getting lines on my forehead, that do not disappear for hours. So I thought about replacing it.

When I got a gift card for a bicycle store for my birthday from my sis, it was clear what I would be using it for. So about 10 days ago I cycled there, and the nice salesperson helped me pick out a new one. It is also by Alpina and cost circa 100 €. Sadly they did not have my preferred colour, so they had to order it for me, and today I finally got to pick it up. I will tell you some more about it after I wore it a few times.

So what is your take on the helmet discussion? Do you wear one? And what are you looking for in a helmet?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy



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