adventure preparation 25


So I got back home from Lübeck ok, but very wet, soaked actually, I was dripping and Leif too. He is also very muddy. Button is offended he had to take the trip back in a bag and could not see anything… I really need to sew him a raincoat.

69.61 km in 5:02:37, which is about 35 minutes slower than Friday, considering the rain and wind I am proud of this time. 🙂

Why do I even cycle to Lübeck that often? There are a few reasons: I do like my aunt and uncle, so it’s nice to visit them, and until now they still seem to like my visits. 😉 And it is training, so I won’t have to start anew next spring when I go on my tour on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route. Well, of course, is a tour over 800km something different, and cycling consecutive days… but at least my legs will have some training with pedalling 70km in one day. And of course, visiting family with a bicycle does not cost much money, just some time. 🙂

In total, I cycled 181.48km in 12:28:51 this week. I also swam 45 minutes but hardly studied any Danish this week. I will have to do better next week about the language.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy

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