I topped my own time


Leif, Button and I cycled to Lübeck again, to visit my aunt and uncle. The weather forecast was pretty rainy and cold, and so I got asked a lot if I really wanted to make the trip.  But rain is so common in this part of Germany, and as I stated before I even like cycling in the rain, I decided to give a go anyways. After all, I knew there was a dry house with a warm shower waiting for us.

So I started 9:40 am in a cold and foggy morning with long pants, T-Shirt, sweater, and rain jacket. After half an hour I took the jacket off, it wasn’t raining, and I was getting warm. Then I took my first break at some nice benches between fields after 59:32 minutes and 17,21 km, around 10:56 am.

Shortly after being back on the road we saw some stork-like birds taking a rest on a field on their way south for the winter. Sadly I could not get a good angle to take a picture, so someone could tell me what type of birds they were.

Shortly after I got on one of my favourite parts of this tour, an old railway-route now working only for bicycle and hikers. Then we reached Bad Oldesloe, where we had an almost crash with another bicyclist pedalling on the wrong side of the street. Luckily nothing happened…

So I ate lunch at the Stadt-Grill in Bad Oldesloe, like every time: after 32.68 km, pedalled in 1:56:02 hours, 12:00-01:30 pm.

On the next part of the tour, it really started to rain. But it was only one cloud on a blue sky, and we just waited under a tree for it to pass. It took about 5 minutes. And then the sun started shining. 🙂 So much for the weather forecast.

We took our next and last break in Hamberge: 51,1km, 3:15:02 time, at 3pm. Where I took the sweater off and zipped off part of my pants. Because with the sun it was getting warm.

Shortly after that, I reached Lübeck which I have to cycle through to reach the other side and the suburb/village my uncle is living in. Cycling in Lübeck is a challenge because as in almost all cities, the bicycle lanes are in terrible conditions, so we had to slow down. And then I had to take a short unscheduled break to snap you this picture:


After leaving the city, a nice ride on smooth pavement to the Herrentunnel, jumping on the shuttle-bus for cyclists, and cycling the last km, we reached my uncle’s house at 4:50pm. After 70.07km in 4:27:26, which is almost 20 minutes faster, then the last time we made the trip. 🙂 🙂

So now some relaxing with my family and then some well-deserved sleep.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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