a difficult bicycle tour


Today Leif, Button and I cycled to Lübeck again and even though it was a beautiful day with clear air and sunshine it was a struggle for me. I am not sure why that was, maybe because I had a full weekend teaching a class and was still exhausted, maybe the wind blowing from the side and almost the front, maybe it was my lousy eating yesterday, maybe all of it and maybe something totally different. But well anyhow I made it.

I left in the morning at 10 in full winter-cycle-clothing, Button was also wearing his jacket, and soon after got warm (even though it was about 6° Celsius outside) … after 30 minutes I decided to loose the jacket and actually kept on pedaling in just a sweater and my vest/waistcoat for the whole trip. While wearing my winter helmet, thick gloves and warm winter boots ;). For some weird reason, my panniers kept moving to the front the whole day, where they collided with my pedalling feet and I had to get off and push them back. So with a few stops to lose the jacket and readjust the panniers I reached my break-point at 11:12, where I took a quick break of 10 minutes to eat something. Soon I got cold so I went by to cycling. Its the same rest stop as my last trip, I put the pictures together, so you can see how nature changed over 1.5 months.

17.29km in 1:03:23


Then it already started to get hard, and I noticed how different it felt this time, but I still reached Bad Oldesloe just 10 minutes later than last time. And took a lunch break. 12:25-2:00pm, 32.83 km in 2:05:48.


Next up was the hilliest section of the whole ride until we reached Hamberge. I put the pictures next to the ones from the last trip again:

3:30-3:40 pm, 50.92 in 3:28:17

Reaching Lübeck I lost additional time by standing in traffic, road works, and missing a shuttle-bus. But at 5:40 pm I reached my aunts and uncles house after 69.97 km in 4:54:53 pedalling time and 7 hours and 40 minutes on the road in total. 

I am pretty exhausted.

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy    


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