winter clothing layers for a bicycle tour


We got back home ok. We started at about 9:40 in the morning and reached home at 5:10 pm. So that means 7.5 hours of travelling time, 4:56:33 of that spend pedalling 68.97 km. Since we did this and the way there at temperatures of 4-8° Celsius (at 0° Celsius it freezes) I thought I would show you what I am wearing in those conditions. And how I am layering my clothing.

So my first layer is my normal underwear. And yes I really do wear my normal day-to-day underwear and nothing special. I still will not show you what that looks like 😉

But my next layers:


One of my self-sewn bicycle T-Shirts (fabrics) and s cushioned bicycle short by Craft. Then my also self-sewn fleece bicycle sweater (fabrics) and pants by Bergson.  Of course, Button is even wearing his matching jacket.


I also wore my winter helmet, which is actually a ski helmet by Alpina, my self-sewn wind-proof-scarf, socks (I forgot to take a picture off) in my no-name winter shoes and, of course, my gloves. I started in my also self-sewn winter bicycle jacket, but I got so warm after just a few km I took it off and just wore my bicycle vest/waistcoat to protect against the ice-cold wind.

So what about you? Are you cycling in the wintertime, how do you keep warm?

Do you have any questions about this?

keep exploring and smiling

your Fairy


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