Button’s new jacket


I finished Button’s jacket! Of course, now everything he talks about is when I will sew his raincoat…


They are the same fabrics I used for my bicycle sweater, shoulder warmer, and helmet hat and can be found and bought on Spoonflower (for this it was printed on Fleece Fabric).

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy 


  1. Maybe you can sew something like you see on some buggies. If it is raining and the protection is closed, you can still look inside, because there is such a transparent cover.
    Even little bunnies want to see the world 😀

    • yeah, that is what I thought about as well, like a cover for him in his bicycle seat… and then I am thinking that a raincoat for him with or without his helmet would be better because that would also work on those trips without Leif.

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