my (adjusted) winter bicycle gloves


One of my birthday-wishes last year was for a good pair of winter gloves to use cycling. And my sis got me this really nice and warm gloves from Every Head. Some months later, when it was getting cold, and I started using them, I noticed that they tend to slide on my handlebars, and I started to cramp my fingers to keep the grip. So why should I buy new ones when mine were nice to wear and warm, I just had to “upgrade” them. So I bought this paint for socks/slippers that you put on the soles to get more grip on the floor and painted dots on the gloves where I would touch the handlebars.


Then I thought it would also be good if they were not only white but also reflective so others could see me signalling in the dark.  So I painted in reflective paint arrows on the other side of the gloves. I am delighted with them now. (But they do need a ride in the washing machine ;))

keep crafting, cycling, and smiling

your Fairy

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