adventure preparation 32

(This is a weekly blogging series, started before I did my first weeklong bicycle tour around the little belt on the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route.  Now I want to do the whole Bicycle Route next year, and for that, I do some shorter tours to stay in training, study Danish, do other sports, sew some things, plan, map, buy, and worry. And blog about that every Sunday… it is an adventure already.)


Leif is still waiting for his bath, if possible he even got dirtier 😉

The additional lighting to see the ground better at night and not fall again, got here just in time to get tried on my trip to Lübeck and back. Yesterday I also did some cycling in the dark and I really enjoyed my new lights. I will take a picture for you soon.

I have been cycling a little slower in the dark, so I would see all the holes in the bicycle paths. But I also felt like cycling slower all the time this week. And not all on purpose, more like it got harder, or I got weaker… I am not sure why, if there is something I do wrong or maybe I caught something and my body is fighting an infection, and I have not noticed yet… Does anyone of you have experiences that might be able to help me? I am getting a little worried. I readjusted my idea of how many km I would like to cycle every day on The Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route. To not repeat my mistake from my last tour: To forget to have fun and enjoy the ride.

I also readjusted my saddle yesterday, after my butt really started to hurt on my way back from the Lübeck. Which I did not totally understand after all the km I already cycled on it, but I noticed that I was sitting almost behind my saddle and because of that my cushion got pushed back and did not help anymore. So I put my saddle in another position, more to the back, and hope that helps. I will keep you updated. 😉

I studied about 1 hour of Danish this week, did 4 days with 2 yoga-flows, 3 nights training feet, 1 strength workout and cycled 173.12km in 12:26:40h.

 keep exploring and smiling

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